There are two IELTS test designs i.e IELTS scholastic and IELTS general preparing. Both the IELTS test designs are comparative for the sake of the arrangement however extraordinary in content in the composition and perusing modules segment of the test.

This article will breakdown the significant contrasts between the two kinds of IELTS tests:


IELTS ACADEMIC-The scholastic IELTS is intended for the understudies who need to apply for advanced education in an unfamiliar land. Yet, that is not all – numerous positions candidates and experts may likewise need to give scores for this rendition of the test.

IELTS GENERAL TRAINING-The overall preparing IELTS is intended for any remaining work and migration, who need to enter the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and so on for general movement.


Both the IELTS tests (Academic IELTS and General preparing IELTS ) have a comparable test design for example four abilities in IELTS tuning in, perusing, composing and talking. Each of the four modules are tried independently paying little heed to which kind of IELTS test-taker picks. Tuning in and Speaking modules are something very similar in both the IELTS tests. There is no distinction in them as kinds of inquiries time span to do it are likewise something similar.

Composing MODULE

Composing TASK – 1: The absolute First distinction lies in Writing Task – 1. As in Academic Test, we will be approached to compose a report on one of the given kinds

Composing Academic :

Depict and dissect information in one of the accompanying:

Bar diagram

Line diagram

Pie diagram



Composing General Training :

Be that as it may, for IELTS General Test the applicant is approached to go for Letter composing. Given are the kinds of letters :

Formal (to somebody you don’t have the foggiest idea)

Semi-formal (to somebody you know officially)

Casual (to companion or family)

You get 20 minutes to finish both of these undertakings and should compose in any event 150 words for each.

Understanding MODULE

We should view the distinction between Reading Module of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

Understanding Academic :

3 long sections expanding in trouble

Scholarly style messages (diary articles, course book removes)

Writings identified with scholarly themes like science, history, social science


Understanding General :

4 short sections expanding long and trouble

More broad/ordinary style messages

Writings identified with social endurance (ads, sees, and so on); work environment endurance (sets of expectations, business contracts, and so forth); general writings (papers, magazines, travel handouts, and so on)


Tuning, recorded as a hard copy and talking scores and groups are a similar they’re scored as the manner in which test is, yet in perusing which addresses 25% of the score of the IELTS test is scored distinctively in both the test types.

Model: envision an up-and-comer gets 30 out of 40 in perusing. In the event that it is general preparing IELTSFind Article, it will be 5.0 groups however assuming it is scholarly IELTS, it will be 6.0 groups.

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